Planning A Christian Youth Retreat On A Budget

A Christian youth retreat helps you build deeper connections within your youth group, provides the members of your youth group with a distraction-free environment where they can learn about an connect with God, and is a fun event that encourages kids to continue their involvement in your church's youth group once they return from the retreat. While planning a youth retreat can be stressful, it doesn't have to be expensive. Learn how you can plan a Christian youth retreat on a budget.

Choose a Christian Retreat Center That's Close to Home

By choosing Christian retreat centers that's close to your hometown, you'll save money on fuel costs. Also, because you aren't going on a long road trip, you won't need to stop for lunch on the way. Instead, encourage parents to pack snacks for their children so that the kids can eat while they are in the van or bus.

Bring Your Own Food

When you're booking a Christian retreat center for your youth group retreat, look for centers that allow you to bring your own food. This way, you don't have the added expense of eating meals at restaurants. Instead, have parents donate meals that can be refrigerated and heated up later. Some good options include: lasagna, casseroles, and roast. Additionally, you can purchase cheap food items that you can easily cook while you're at the retreat, such as hot dogs.

Choose Speakers Carefully

The most beneficial part of any youth retreat is the speakers that you choose. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring speakers that are in high demand might not be the best option for your budget. Instead of hiring popular Christian speakers, look for speakers that are willing to volunteer their time to speak to come to your retreat to speak to the kids.

Ask for Donations

If you've cut back your expenses as much as possible and there still isn't enough money in the budget to allow you to plan a youth retreat, try asking for donations. It's likely that people who attend services at your church will want to donate what they can to make the youth group retreat possible.

Don't allow planning a Christian youth retreat to stress you out. Planning the event doesn't need to be complicated. If you concentrate on cutting back your expenses and ask people to pitch in and/or donate what they can, it's easy to plan a retreat that benefits your entire youth group.