5 Things You Must Do First Before Booking Your Wedding Florist

The florist for your wedding is one of the most important people since they will provide all the flowers you will need, and most likely, you will need a lot. However, before you even look for a florist, there are five things you must do first. Without these five things being done, it can be difficult to find the right florist for you. Plus, with these five things done, it will give your florist a better idea of what they need to do, which will help them gather a more accurate estimate for you. Here's what to do:

  1. Book the Ceremony Site: The size of the ceremony site needs to be determined in order to figure out how many flower arrangements you will need to decorate it. Think about whether or not you want aisle floral arrangements, as well. Without having any idea what the ceremony site looks like, it can be difficult for you to provide an exact number of floral arrangements to the florist when you book them. 
  2. Book the Reception Site: The reception site is another thing that you must have booked for the same reasons as having the ceremony booked. You also have to determine how many side tables are going to be set up for signing the guest book, for example, at the reception to determine how many floral table arrangements you will need. Also, be sure that you take a look at the colors of the walls, the flooring, and more to be sure that you don't choose floral arrangements that are going to clash with the space.
  3. The Guest List: Another thing you want to be sure is done is the final guest list. This is going to help further determine how many center pieces you need for the actual dining tables at the reception. 
  4. The Bridal Party: Another important thing to determine is how many bridesmaids there will be since each will be carrying a floral arrangement down the aisle. You also want to determine whether or not you want floral arrangements put together for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, as well as putting together flowers for the flower girl. You may even want to know how many groomsmen there will be if you want them to wear boutonnieres. 
  5. Other Events: If you are putting together other events before the wedding and you would like floral arrangements set up there, as well, such as at the bridal party, the rehearsal dinner, etc, then you want to know how many arrangements you will need. Your florist will also need to know this way ahead of time so they can prepare for these events on top of the actual wedding itself. 

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