Military Reunions: What They Are And Tips For Setting One Up

When you are discharged from the military and move on to other things in life, there is a chance you may never again see the men and women you met, lived with, and worked with during your years in the military. If you are interested in meeting up with some of these individuals, you could attend a military reunion.

What are military reunions?

Military reunions are held often and take place all over the country. Because it is hard to notify every person that was part of a certain infantry or division, the reunions are typically posted on military reunion websites. These sites will list the type of reunion, the date, and the location, and anyone that was part of that particular group is welcome to attend.

Military reunions offer a way to visit with people you once lived with on a military base or out in the field fighting for your country, and they can be very emotional and memorable experiences.

Military reunions can involve numerous different activities and events, but they typically involve a dinner and presentation. Certain members of the unit might stand up and speak, or they might hire a guest speaker for the occasion.

How are they set up?

When someone from the military decides to set up a reunion, he or she will begin by selecting a city and date. From there, he or she must choose a convention center or banquet hall for the reunion. In addition, the person planning the event will choose a military reunion hotel. Selecting the right hotel is one of the most important features of planning a military reunion. The hotel should:

  • Be affordable – People that attend military reunions often have to travel far distances to go to these events. Because of this, it can be costly for the airplane tickets, driving expenses, and lodging, which is why the hotel should offer discounts and affordable prices for all military guests. It should also offer free parking to keep the costs down for the guests.
  • Cater to disabled individuals – While all military workers do not get injured during their times of service, some do. The hotel used for the reunion should be one that has working elevators and handle bars in the bathrooms.
  • Have a conference room – It is much easier to host a military reunion at a hotel that has a conference center. This eliminates the need for parking twice and simplifies the entire experience.

If you cannot find a military reunion for your unit, you could always set one up yourself. This would be a great way to reunite with old friends, and you can begin by looking for a hotel venue that caters to military reunions.