4 Fun Ideas For A Save-The-Date Video

While there is a lot to be said for more traditional save-the-date cards, more and more couples are opting to add to the fun and excitement of their wedding with video reminders. A video is a fun and flexible way to convey necessary information to your loved ones, and it can be distributed through email, various forms of social media, a post on a wedding website, or even on DVD.

If you decide that a video save-the-date is for you, you have a lot of choices to make. Don't worry; they're fun choices. Before you set out to get footage (and later put it together or send it to a video editing service), spend some time identifying ways to make your video unique to your personalities and relationship. Here are four creative approaches to get you started. 

Music Video

Just about anything goes in a music video. Gather footage of yourselves dancing, engaging in favorite sports or hobbies, or simply being together. Then set it to a song that is special to you. If you happen to be musicians, you might even consider recording your own music to use. 

History Lesson

Chances are you are constantly asked to repeat stories detailing the history of your relationship. For example, how did you meet? Where was your first kiss? What was the engagement like? You might want to address some of these stories in your video. Your loved ones will get a kick out of hearing the stories from both of your perspectives, and you will have your memories preserved on video. 


If you want to really tug at some heartstrings, you might want to intersperse photographs with your footage in the editing process. These could be photos of the two of you together or photos from your lives from childhood on. For many family members, few things will be more touching than seeing side by side pictures of you both when you were five years old, followed by footage of you together and in love. This stylistic choice could certainly fit into a music video or storytelling format.   

Movie Trailer

Few things are as effective at promoting excitement and anticipation than a good movie trailer. So why not make a trailer for your wedding? You can work in any genre, from romantic comedy to film noir, and can even have friends and family make appearances as other characters. In a similar vein, you could recreate or parody a scene from your favorite film. 

Whether you want a beautiful series of images of the two or you or a flashy action trailer, be sure to convey your desires to your editing service. The end result will be a very unique and personal reminder of your special day that you will be able to keep for the rest of your lives. One service you can contact is Watrous Video Productions.