How To Practice NLP Techniques Effectively

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, is a method that allows a patient to harness the power of language, brain activity, and behavioral patterns and use them all together in order to achieve his or her goals. These goals could be to gain confidence, have better relationships, or take more interest in the world. In order for NLP to work, formal NLP training needs to happen so that the patient is able to learn the types of exercises that will allow this power to grow. However, without practice, the formal training will be useless. Here are some ways that you can practice NLP training and be effective.

1. Create a Secondary You

You are going to be the person that you have the greatest amount of access to with regards to practicing. This mean that you are going to need to make sure that you are able to effectively train yourself. Training yourself, such as asking questions to get the full amount of information or challenging negative ideas, is much more difficult to do to yourself than it is to do to another person. As a result, you need to create a secondary you in order to make this effective.

2. Set Up the Chairs and Get a Pad of Paper

To set up the training, take two chairs and place them on either side of a small table so that they are facing each other. If you don't have a table, place the two chairs so that they are facing each other. In one chair, you are going to be acting as a subject. In the other chair, you are going to be acting as a coach. Get a small pad of paper and put it, with a pen, on the coach's chair. 

3. Start an Exercise

Start an exercise in the coach's chair. If you are trying to get all of the information for a situation reframe, then start asking a question. Before you answer the question, move to the other chair. Ask and answer the question out loud in order to solidify it in your mind.

4. Record

Once the question has been answered, move to the other chair and write it down. If you don't like having to constantly stop to write, consider turning on the recording application on your phone and transcribing each answer later.

Do this exercise each day in order to build up your mastery of NLP techniques and increase the positive changes in your life.