3 Things To Have On Hand When Hosting A Paintball Game

Hosting a paintball game for your friends can be a great way to get everyone more active in the sport and hone your skills. Without the right essentials on hand, however, your game could fall flat before it's even getting started. To ensure your game is a success, make sure you stock up on these three items beforehand.

CO2 Cartridges

Everyone always thinks of bringing paintballs to the game, but people always tend to forget to bring along extra carbon dioxide. The game becomes unfair if a player runs out of propellant and has to stop playing. Purchase a basic pack of CO2 cartridges to have on hand, in case someone runs out. If you don't want to foot the bill for your friends' playing equipment, you could always charge them a few bucks for a CO2 cartridge if they need it, and just keep the extra cartridges for use in your own gun.

Instant Cold Packs

When you get hit with a paintball in a place where your armor does not cover, you don't want to have to pause the whole game and go inside for some ice to take the sting out. Instant cold packs, which become ice cold when you push a little button and start a chemical reaction inside of them, are great for easing the pain or paintball injuries on-the-spot. Place a few on a table in a central area, so you or a friend can grab them quickly without halting the game.

Some Extra Goggles

A lot of safety gear in paintball is not all that essential -- if you don't wear it, you might just end up with a few bruises. However, wearing goggles during the game is an absolute must, since if you get hit in the eye with a paintball, you might lose your vision. If your friends show up without goggles, you should not let them play, as this is very unsafe. However, you can keep a few extra pairs of goggles on hand to ensure that if your friends do show up unprepared, you can still have the game. The goggles don't have to be fancy. Buy a few pairs of basic work goggles at the local hardware store.

Paintball is a fun sport, but it is one that requires quite a bit of equipment. By having the items above on hand, you ensure that the game will go on -- and safely -- even if your players forget to bring a few essentials. If you're interested in getting drinks for your your event, contact Arizona Air Boutique Inc.