Recreate Rustic Charm In Your Wedding Venue

If you want to create a memorable wedding day, you need to start with your venue. The right décor can turn any venue into a spectacular place to exchange vows, though some couples may seek something a bit less formal and more inviting. Consider giving your wedding a rustic, natural charm that makes guests feel welcomed and that creates a warm atmosphere that will long be remembered.

Some ways to exude rustic charm with your rustic wedding venue include:

Echo nature. Make sure to highlight the natural beauty of your venue, whether it is a backyard or a national park. For instance, echo the natural birch trees surrounding your property with bark napkin rings made from peeled birch-bark paper.

Bring in some whimsy. For a fantastical wedding, bring in some whimsy with sweet fairies, suspended crystals, or adorable creatures throughout your venue. Look at renting resin animals to peek out behind a shrub or bush; string crystals with clear fishing-line to hang from trees and overheads, and watch how they sparkle! A little whimsy will transform your rustic venue into something magical!

Pay attention to lighting. Make sure to pay attention and reserve some of your budget for outdoor lighting fixtures. Augment your outdoor lighting with indoor chandeliers that you carefully suspend from your tents or nearby tree branches, as this will bring a romantic touch to your natural venue. Make sure to provide guests with a path to the festivities by lighting the walkway with solar stake-lights or lanterns.

Make your guests comfortable. To keep your guests comfortable, provide sheltered areas that they can get out of the sun and rain. Make sure to have pitchers of water, snacks, and comfort items, like shawls, pillows, or fans, to give guests the chance to recharge their batteries and catch their breath.

Make the most of your surroundings. When it comes to choosing the flowers and blooms for your venue, keep the arrangements natural and distinctive. Incorporate some of the surrounding foliage, branches, and grasses into your centerpieces and bouquets. Swaddle with burlap or use twine to embellish these to reflect your rustic theme.

Keep favors simple. Give your guests each a simple votive candle in a mason jar, tied with ribbon for a favor that is budget-friendly. You can personalize each with the guest's name using an oil-paint pen. Consider illuminating each jar with a flameless tea-light for an additional lighting feature to light up nighttime venues.

Enjoy the simplicity and warmth of a rustic-themed wedding, and try these suggestions to make your venue inviting and charming. Pay attention to details- from lights to favors- and make guests feel welcomed and cherished as you share your special day with those you love.