5 Important Wedding Venue Trends You'll See More Of This Year

Wedding venues of the past used to be fairly predictable -- either the place of worship of one or both of the individuals tying the knot, the beach, a community center, or a local park. Today's couples seem to want more personalized wedding venues, however. Following are just five of the creative wedding and reception venue trends that are currently being discovered by modern couples. 


Rooftops with stunning views makes excellent wedding venues, particularly commercial buildings where rooftop gardens have been established, which is a growing trends in world class cities such as Chicago and New York, and many of these buildings rent out rooftop space for weddings and other celebrations.  Always chose a rooftop venue that has appropriate safety features in place and consider another venue if you're planning on having lots of small children at your wedding. 

Combined Reception/Wedding Venues

Weddings and receptions are traditionally held in separate venues, with the bride, groom, and guests departing from the wedding scene shortly after the ceremony is over. Today's couples are increasingly deciding to book double-duty venues rather than having everyone move to a new location for the reception. 

Boutique Wineries

Large wineries discovered the benefits of offering wedding venues over two decades ago, but it's only been recently that their tiny boutique counterparts joined them on the wedding bandwagon. Small winery often feature charming scenery and intimate settings. Although they may not have the staff to handle onsite catering services for your reception, they'll be familiar enough with local catering companies to provide you with good recommendations. 

Industrial Settings 

Industrial settings are among the hottest wedding venue trends for 2017. This is actually a natural progression from rustic venues in rural settings such as old barns -- the industrial spaces offer a rustic ambiance, but in an urban environment. Exposed brick, high ceilings, wooden pillars, and classic architecture provide these venues with an aura of romance and history to modern wedding ceremonies and receptions. The big open spaces industrial settings offer are ideal for large-scale dining and after-dinner dancing, and the high ceilings and solid building materials make the sort of fabulous acoustics that make even mediocre music sound great. 

Blank Spaces

Couples who desire to create their own personalized wedding and reception venue space combined with the ability of rental companies to provide just about any fixtures that someone could want has resulted in the popularity of blank spaces. These are spaces without much personality or design components that can be decorated to suit the individual preferences of the couple getting married. 

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