Hosting A Reunion In Your High School Gym: Three Ideas To Consider

Hosting your high school reunion in your school's gym can provide a touch of nostalgia for you and your classmates. To make this event truly special, you may want to consider different ways to decorate and transform the space while adding fun to the event. With the help of an event services company and the following ideas as inspiration, you can create a memorable event.

Pipe-And-Drape Backdrop

If you don't want the gym's bleachers and other features to be prominently featured, consider a pipe-and-drape setup around the perimeter of the gym. This option lets you create the look of a curtained wall, which can help mask the less visually appealing areas of the event space. Consider renting drapes in your school's colors, and have your event services company take all necessary measurements to ensure the space is covered. You can also supplement the drapes with event lighting for a stunning look. You can also have black-and-white photos printed of each member of your graduating class, which can be hung in front of the drape panels.

Yearbook Photo Booth

Have some fun with nostalgia by creating a yearbook photo booth. This idea lets everyone in attendance dress up in some of the fashions that were popular the year you graduated while also providing them with a way to have their photo taken at the event. Purchase props that can be used for this area of the party, and work with your event services company to create a decade-appropriate backdrop. Search through your old yearbooks for inspiration when looking for props. Some examples might include poodle skirts and faux leather jackets for a class that graduated in the 1950s or bell bottom pants and polyester shirts for a 1970s graduating class. Have some fun with this idea by purchasing some truly outrageous examples of fashion from the year you graduated.

Pep Rally Entrance

Turn your high school reunion into a throwback pep rally with a unique entrance. A balloon archway for everyone to walk under is the centerpiece of this idea, but you can add to it with a few more fun touches. Work with your event services company to hire an MC for the night, and have him or her announce each attendee as they walk through the archway. You'll need to have one person from the planning committee with the MC to provide names for everyone entering the gym. Another creative option is to hire cheerleaders to serve as live entertainment for the reunion. They can stand in a line on either side of the balloon archway to cheer on everyone entering, and they might also be able to do a dance routine later on in the evening. Your event services company can handle the hiring for cheerleaders, MCs, and any other live entertainment you want at your reunion.

Team up with a few other former students to plan your reunion, and begin the planning process early so you can get everything you want for this memorable occasion. With the right touches, you can throw a reunion that all the other graduating classes will be jealous of. Contact a company, like Grand Event Rental, for more help.