Throwing A Cabana Pool Party: What You Need To Rent

Throwing a cabana-themed pool party can be a great way to kick off the summer or to simply enjoy the warm weather. To throw this type of party, there are some event rentals you may want to consider. With the right equipment, you can create this fun theme and make your party a success. Here are some options to consider.

Bar Rental

You'll want a place to prepare and serve drinks for your guests, and that means having a bar area available. Look for a beach-inspired bar rental that fits your party theme, and be sure to rent bar stools to go with it. You can decorate the bar area with tropical decor items, such as pineapples and flowers, and you can add party lights to make the area more festive. Situate the bar near the pool for your guests' convenience. Serve drinks in plastic cups for added safety near the pool.

Cabana Tents

Of course, to bring the cabana theme to your pool area, you'll want to add some cabana tents. These tents often have flowing, sheer curtains that add an island feel to the space. Work with your event rental service to determine what size your cabanas should be and how many you can fit around the pool. Remember that you can also add a few to the yard away from the pool for guests who want to lounge but don't necessarily need to be by the swimming pool. You may also be able to choose the color for the curtains on your cabana rentals, which can make sticking to your chosen party theme and colors a bit easier.

Lounge-Style Seating

In each cabana, you'll want to have plenty of cozy seating. When you rent the cabana tents, ask about lounge-style seating and beds for each one. You may be able to rent plush outdoor furniture complete with water-repellent upholstery to use in each cabana tent. Consider renting a few extra chairs and beds for use outside of the tents, as some people may want to sunbathe around the pool. For a luxurious finishing touch, visit your local home goods store and purchase outdoor throw pillows. Piling plenty of pillows on each chair and bed can create a rich, resort-style look and feel for your party.

There are lots of other great rental options to consider for your party. An inflatable TV screen and projector can provide a great way to keep guests entertained outside, and a karaoke machine with an accompanying sound system can provide added fun throughout the day. Talk to your event rental service about any other equipment that might fit your cabana pool party theme.