Kids' Birthday Party Room Theme Ideas

No matter where you hold your little one's birthday party, you can make it an extra special event with some festive decor. Before giving the space a personal stamp, decide on a party theme, such as dinosaurs or unicorns, that reflects your child's interests and hobbies. 

You can rent an event room in a wide variety of locations, such as movie theaters, museums, restaurants, botanical gardens, and even hotels if you need a large area to host a big party. While some venues have a special event team that can handle catering services for you, you'll most likely need to decorate the room yourself. 

Even if you're on a limited party-planning budget, you can easily liven up the event space with items such as balloons, personal items from your home and even homemade pieces. You can even rent party decor if you prefer. 

Here are some birthday party room theme ideas and decorating tips to get you started:

1. Zoo Theme

Ideal for pre-school-age boys and girls, a zoo theme will give any party room a colorful, whimsical touch. You can just focus on a few of your child's favorite zoo animals, such as monkeys or elephants, or incorporate them all into the design.

Start with green and brown Latex balloons to represent the outdoors, and add a few animal-shaped helium balloons into the mix. You can hang them from beams or a low ceiling, decorate a wall with them, or tie them to the backs of chairs to add a pop of color and interest to the space.

Cover tables with cheetah- or zebra-print tablecloths, and use plastic plants or zoo animal cardboard cut-outs as centerpieces. Animal-shaped frosted cookies on sticks double as decor and party favors when displayed in glass jars.

2. Rainbow Theme

There's no better way to brighten up a party space than with a cheerful rainbow theme. Start with rainbow-hued balloons, and hang colorful streamers from door entrances or around tables. Fill glass apothecary jars with rainbow-colored candies, and display them on a "treat table." Allow the young party-goers to fill bags with the sweets to take home as favors. 

On the tables, roll plasticware in colorful paper napkins, and use matching paper plates and cups. Giant rainbow-swirled lollipops in jars make cute table centerpieces. 

You can also incorporate a second theme, such as unicorns or a favorite cartoon character, in with the rainbow decor to further customize the space.