Industrial Chic-Inspired Wedding Reception Ideas

If you and your spouse desire a wedding reception that is equal parts modern and rustic, an industrial chic-inspired theme may be right for you. From the venue to the decor, you'll be able to create the wedding magazine-worthy reception of your dreams.

To capture just the right look and feel, consider holding your reception in a once-abandoned space, such as an old warehouse, that has been updated with modern amenities. Many of these venues, which are typically found in urban areas, have been refurbished from ceiling to floor, while still retaining their original aesthetic. The spaces are then rented out by event management companies, making them available to the public.

Here are a few more tips for planning an industrial chic-themed wedding reception:

1. Venue Options 

In addition to the abandoned warehouse, other venue options include former factories and converted lofts that have been updated for hosting special events. Look for spaces featuring big windows to allow natural light to enter, exposed brick and pipes, and sleek cement floors for the most appeal. 

These venues are generally "bare bones" inside, allowing you to get as creative as you'd like with decor, lighting elements, furniture and other event logistics. You can have fun mixing more natural or sophisticated pieces in with the industrial design. 

Since these types of spaces don't typically include anything else, such as tables and chairs, in the rental price, make sure you double-check your budget before booking. 

2. Furniture

After you've reserved your ideal reception venue, consider how you'd like to furnish the space. For a casually elegant look and feel, bring in wood tables made from reclaimed wood, along with modern-looking clear acrylic chairs, which will complement the concrete floors and other industrial elements. 

Add a luxurious touch with tufted grey velvet or velour lounge chairs featuring metal hardware, such as arms, legs or brass tacks around the edges. For even more softness, place white faux fur rugs throughout the venue. 

3. Decor and Lighting 

Finally, create ambiance with the right decor and lighting elements. Bring a bit of nature indoors with green plants in silver, industrial-looking pots. Use the potted greenery as table decor and allow each guest to take one home as a favor. 

Fill corners with large tropical plants to add vibrancy to the space, and use metal or crystal vases filled with fragrant white flowers, such as hyacinths, as centerpieces. Add warmth and a bit of romance by wrapping string lights around beams and hanging crystal chandeliers over the tables. 

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