How To Find The Perfect Private Venue For Your Clients For Beginner Event Planners

Finding the perfect venue for your clients for their party, production, or wedding isn't always the easiest part of event planning. This is especially true for a beginner to event planning. While it might seem logical to look at certain venues for different types of events, you might be missing out on special features or perhaps a unique location if you stick to traditional locations for your events.

How do you find the perfect venue for your clients for beginner event planners? If you follow these tips, you will be off to a great start.

What Is The Event? Who Is Coming?

You need to know what the event is for before you pick the right venue for it. Is it a wedding? Is it a film production? Is it a conference for business executives? This is important information because each type of event will have its own unique needs and wants. There will be some venues that will be perfect for any type of event, and others that simply will not have everything you need.

You also have to know who is coming to the event. This means you need at least a rough estimate of how many will attend. This is important because you need to find a space either large enough to fit everyone comfortably or small enough to not have too much extra space.

What's the Client's Budget?

It's important to know what the client's budget is when planning their event. This has to include the cost of the venue rental, any catering – should they need it, technical needs like sound systems or lighting experts, and any chairs or tables that might be needed.

It's a good idea to build flexibility into your budget range. This way it opens you up to more venues and services than if you have to stick to a certain price point. This doesn't mean to actively promote to your client to pick a venue out of their price range but to offer flexibility in locations and types of venues to help get the client what they would want within their budget.

What Services Does the Venue Have?

When you know your budget and have started searching for the right venue, find out what services each one offers. The more that is included in the overall price of the rental, the better for the most part. Does the venue offer parking and valet services? Is security offered? Is catering, decorating, or floral arrangements included?

You also need to know if the event offers setup and cleanup staff, or do you need to hire your own? Finally, you need to know if the venue has any food and beverage minimums – if the venue offers catering.

For more information, reach out to private event venue services.