3 Mindfulness Technologies To Look For At The Next Holistic Living Expo

As technology continuously expands, many people fear the impact it can have on the overall health of the average American. With these fears have come a wave of solutions; individuals in the holistic health field are creating tech-based products that aim to improve wellness with mindfulness. Many of these holistic health practitioners are making their way to holistic living expos and conferences near you. When you make your way to the next holistic living conference, consider checking out these three technology gadgets and services that are aimed at promoting mindfulness and increasing your mental and physical wellness. 

According to the Wellnesys website, YogiFi "is an innovative wellness (yoga) mat with holistic intelligence...specifically designed for all Yoga enthusiasts." The mat does more than just create a barrier between you and the floor; it senses your movements in order to track your poses and help you correct them. This can be great for beginner yogis to practice the correct postures and reap a greater benefit from the yoga asanas. YogiFi also has an accompanying mobile application and wearable wristband to log your health vitals and your progress over time. 

Spire Health's Spire Stone is the first of its kind in the realm of portable tracking devices for breathing. The device can be worn comfortably, clipped to your belt or bra strap, as it gets to work on evaluating any change in breathing patterns that is typically associated with a stressful situation. Once connected to the accompanying Spire application, the Spire Stone sends your breathing changes to the application. This results in personalized, guided breathing and mindfulness meditations that will reduce your stress levels and return you to your own, personal equilibrium. 

Red Light Therapy has become so well-known for its healing effects and possible restorative properties on the brain that it is being paired with mindfulness for optimal holistic healing. Users of these combined services typically lay on a bed of safe, carefully-monitored wavelengths of natural light. A guided meditation is provided, as chosen by the user, and for about 20 minutes, your body can carry out restoration while you are in a completely relaxed state. 

The existence of these technologies reveal that technology is being used to improve the quality of life of its users, especially in the holistic living arena. At the next holistic living expo, explore these technologies and their benefits by testing them out and sharing your experience.