5 Tips To Manage The Lines At Your Big Event

The lines at your large event are an integral, often necessary, part of the process. But how will you ensure that lines are a positive part of that process and not a negative experience for all? Here are five line-management tips to put into practice as you plan. 

1. Use Virtual Options. Today's event managers have more options made possible through modern technology. Are you using them? Ticket scanning can now be done from anywhere, allowing staff to move around as needed. Virtual queues prevent the need for physical lines to form. And preregistration portals help people skip steps by completing them ahead of time. 

2. Put Up Lots of Signage. Signage consists of more than just a sandwich board at the entrance. Physical signs should be all throughout the line area—often repeating the same thing—since they are important to help direct and prepare attendees. But virtual signage on social media and through text and email is also key to getting steps done in advance and showing people what to expect. Finally, keep in mind that there are newer signage choices like QR codes and self-scanners.

3. Use Multiple Locations. As much as possible, try to avoid having just one long line. Break up things into parts, such as one line for bag checks and one for ticket scanners. Set up multiple entrances and exits. Create a different line for those who used the advance planning options. And keep entry, exit, and pedestrian traffic areas separated. 

4. Don't Skimp on Staff. No matter how much signage you have, no one will read and understand all of it. So don't skimp on staff, volunteers, and outsourced professionals for on-site line management. Give each person an overview of the process, but assign them just one small portion of it, such as checking vaccination cards or keeping one part of the hallway clear. Overworked staff leads to frustration for all. 

5. Be Prepared to Readjust. They say that no plan survives the start of the battle, and this can be true of a line that forms. No matter how much you prepare, you need to be able to adjust to what's happening on the ground. Staff may need to move at a moment's notice. Some signs may not work as intended. Technology breaks down. The more prepared your line management is for these changes, the better things will go.

Managing the lines at your event can be complex. The best resource you can have is an experienced event management company on your team. For more information, contact an event management service, such as The Crane Bay Event Center.