Tips For Hosting A Large Event That's ADA-Compliant For Visitors Living With Disabilities

Suppose your organization hosts a temporary event such as a craft fair, farmers' market, or music festival. In that case, it's vital that all attendees can easily navigate the space and take advantage of the amenities offered. To do so, your event location should comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By choosing an ADA-compliant site and advertising your event as being accessible for people living with disabilities, you can encourage everyone to attend and enjoy the festivities.

In addition, to ensure your event is ADA-compliant, follow each of these tips.

Tip: Plan for Wide Walkways Through Vendor Stalls and Other Obstructions

People using wheelchairs, crutches, and even baby strollers need plenty of room to navigate your event. The best thing you can do for them is to plan for wide walkways between obstructions such as vendor stalls, tables, chairs, and other obstacles.

When setting up your event, keep in mind that wide walkways and lots of open spaces will be appreciated by those living with disabilities as well as others who like their own space or are trying to stay pandemic-safe.

Tip: Rent ADA-Compliant Portable Restrooms

When renting portable restrooms for your upcoming event, opt to pay more and order ADA-compliant portapotties. These restrooms are large enough for people in wheelchairs to enter and navigate the space well enough to use the facilities. In addition, consider upgrades such as handwashing stations so everyone in attendance can wash up after using the restroom. Check out what disability-friendly options different portable toilet rental companies have available to learn more.

Tip: Embrace Service Animals as Necessary Attendees for Their Owners

Service animals are not pets. While pets give their owners a lot of enjoyment and add to their daily lives, service animals are highly-trained and actively work to help their owners navigate the world around them. By law, your event must allow those living with disabilities to bring their service animals, and your organization should embrace their presence. 

Tip: Consult with a Local Disability Expert

Lastly, it's important to note that nearly every community in the country has at least one organization working with and fighting for the rights of those living with disabilities in their local area. These organizations are generally happy to assist with ensuring events are ADA-compliant and accessible for everyone by providing a disability expert. Reaching out and enlisting the assistance of a disability expert is a fantastic way to guarantee your event doesn't have any access barriers and is enjoyed by everyone.