Consider Renting A Tent In These Colors

When you picture a large tent at any sort of event, it's likely that you picture a tent that is white. White tents are highly common; when you browse the available products on a tent rental company's website, you shouldn't be surprised to find that the majority of them are white in color. While a white tent can offer a clean and crisp look, you might occasionally be interested in renting a tent in a different color to give the event that you're planning a different feel. Many tent rental companies have various tents in colors other than white, and you may find a design that you feel would be a perfect fit for your event. Here are some colors that you'll often find available.


If you want a tent that isn't white but also doesn't have a bright color, gray can be an option to explore. There are lots of gray tents available for rent, and they can offer a classy and unique look for all sorts of events. You might want this tent for a wedding, family reunion, or other outdoor celebration, for example. The exact shade of gray can vary. Some tents are light gray, which gives them an airy look, while others are a darker shade of gray.


Some tent rental companies have different pink tents available, and this unique look can be a good fit for certain events. For example, if you're celebrating your daughter's birthday with a party in the backyard, a tent can offer shelter. Instead of getting a white tent, a pink tent can add style to the space — especially if your daughter loves pink and has asked for a pink-themed birthday party. Pink balloons, wrapped presents, and even cupcakes can all look good beneath a pink tent.


For certain events, a tent that has a striped appearance can work well. Lots of these tents are available for rent, and they commonly feature wide stripes that alternate between white and another color. For example, you'll often see tents that alternate between white stripes and red, blue, or yellow stripes. This design has an upbeat look that you may associate with a carnival. If you're planning a local fundraising event or festive gathering at which you'll have carnival-style games, a striped tent can be perfect to rent.

For more information on tent rentals, contact a professional in your area.