Great Ways To Promote Your Cigar Bar Event That Will Attract Customers

Your cigar bar may be planning an upcoming event and now you need to attract customers. This event could be promoting a new brand of cigar that your shop is selling, or perhaps you wish to thank your existing customers for their patronage or help introduce new customers to your variety of products.

There are some fun and interesting ways you can use to attract your customers to attend your event. Here are just a few ways you can use to promote your event.

Create A Special Website And Social Media Pages For Your Event

Your cigar bar might already have a website or social media presence but if you want your event to stand out and attract attention, create a dedicated website solely for your event. It could showcase the products you plan to promote, have pictures and videos of grab bags you plan to give out, entice customers with the potential to taste-test existing products, and more.

You can also create social media pages just for your event as well. You can link these pages back to your existing social media sites or your main website. You could post a video on Instagram or Youtube Shorts each day with a new tidbit of information on what your customers can expect from your event.

Provide Free Products For Early Booking

Most people love getting samples of new items and even getting free items from their favorite stores, and a cigar bar doesn't have to be any different. 

You can offer your customers and anyone interested in attending your event free samples of your existing products sent to their homes when they book early. You could also offer free products gift-wrapped or even a secret mystery package sent to them when they book or buy their tickets early.

It's a way to encourage customers to not only come to your event but also buy their tickets before the day of the event.

Host Your Event With A Local Popular Entertainment Venue

A great way to promote your cigar bar event is to co-host it with a popular local restaurant, nightclub, or wine bar. You should pick a venue that pairs well with your brand of cigars, and you can ask your customers what restaurant or nightclub they enjoy and then work with that venue to plan your event.

You and the venue can offer perks such as discounts on dining at the restaurant, free drinks at the bar, or free products from your cigar bar if they spend a certain amount at your event.