4 Exciting Activities For Weekend Fun

If you're looking to get out more and try new things on the weekends, you may be in search of more things to do. It can get old if you just sit around at home doing nothing or if you feel like there's nothing else to do. There are so many great weekend activities that you can take part in. Keep reading to learn about some exciting activities for weekend fun.

Hosting A Reunion In Your High School Gym: Three Ideas To Consider

Hosting your high school reunion in your school's gym can provide a touch of nostalgia for you and your classmates. To make this event truly special, you may want to consider different ways to decorate and transform the space while adding fun to the event. With the help of an event services company and the following ideas as inspiration, you can create a memorable event. Pipe-And-Drape Backdrop If you don't want the gym's bleachers and other features to be prominently featured, consider a pipe-and-drape setup around the perimeter of the gym.

Tips For Successfully Escaping From An Escape Room With Your Friends

If you have heard about the new escape room fad but have not gone to experience one because you are scared you won't be able to make it out in time, then you will be pleased to know there are some tips that can help you be successful, including: Tip: Share with Your Team and Be Verbal About What You See One of the most important things you can do to get out of an escape room within the allotted time is to ask everyone in your group to be verbal about what they see.

5 Important Wedding Venue Trends You'll See More Of This Year

Wedding venues of the past used to be fairly predictable -- either the place of worship of one or both of the individuals tying the knot, the beach, a community center, or a local park. Today's couples seem to want more personalized wedding venues, however. Following are just five of the creative wedding and reception venue trends that are currently being discovered by modern couples.  Rooftops Rooftops with stunning views makes excellent wedding venues, particularly commercial buildings where rooftop gardens have been established, which is a growing trends in world class cities such as Chicago and New York, and many of these buildings rent out rooftop space for weddings and other celebrations.

A New York Minute -- 4 Things To Do In New York City During A Layover

New York airports are a central hub for many flights around the country and to different parts of the world. And if you find yourself on a layover during one of these flights, you may have some time on your hands. You could spend a long layover hanging around LaGuardia or John F. Kennedy airports, or you could have some real fun by hopping into the city for those few hours.