A Wedding To Remember: Renting A Tent For The Big Day

When it comes to planning for an upcoming wedding, one of the biggest decisions to make is where the event will take place. Though weddings have traditionally been associated with churches, country clubs and even beaches, more and more alternative venue options are becoming a big hit. One of the most convenient and affordable venue options can be renting out a tent for the ceremony and reception. With their ease of use and adaptability to different themes, tents are an excellent option for soon-to-be newlyweds looking for the perfect venue location.

What Does a Full Service Wedding Event Planner Offer?

Planning your wedding day is something that will require a lot of energy and hard work. Many couples don't want added stress leading up to their wedding day, so they choose to hire a wedding event planner to help out with all of the work. Not all wedding planners offer the same services. You may be looking into hiring a full-service wedding event planner so that you can get as much assistance as possible.

3 Mindfulness Technologies To Look For At The Next Holistic Living Expo

As technology continuously expands, many people fear the impact it can have on the overall health of the average American. With these fears have come a wave of solutions; individuals in the holistic health field are creating tech-based products that aim to improve wellness with mindfulness. Many of these holistic health practitioners are making their way to holistic living expos and conferences near you. When you make your way to the next holistic living conference, consider checking out these three technology gadgets and services that are aimed at promoting mindfulness and increasing your mental and physical wellness.

3 Features Your Wedding Caterer Should Offer

Now that your wedding day is approaching, it's time to find a caterer to work with. Here are a few features to consider when choosing your wedding caterers: Menu Customization Options One important feature your wedding caterer should offer is menu customization options. While they may have set menus to choose from, you should be able to make changes to your chosen menu so it meets the dietary needs and preferences of all your wedding guests.